Pastel Paintings of Boats

Glorious images of yachts and ships 

Where some of our artists live, boats are almost as common as cars, so it's no surprise that much of their pastel wall art depicts the majesty and grace of these wonderful vessels. Emily Holsman in particular enjoys visiting the beaches and docks of the Mornington Peninsula to photograph boats and yachts from a variety of angles, before transforming her shots into beautiful paintings, using soft pastel colours to achieve a desired look and feel.

Marinas and docks invite us into a different world, presenting row upon row of magnificent sailing boats and fishing vessels; their strong majestic lines and sensual curves, reminding us of a bygone era. A time when sailing ships ruled the waves, enacting trade and commerce as they traversed the globe. Even today, each boat appears a descendant of an ancient and graceful ancestor; a proud lineage with countless tales to tell.

Some are sleek and modern, designed for speed and comfort, while others have as much charm and character clinging to their weathered timber hulls as the ocean itself seems to possess.

The skill our artists demonstrate in capturing the grace and beauty of these vessels is astonishing. Each pastel painting tells its own story, whether it presents as a friendly weekend escapade or a rustic old workhorse, the boat paintings available from Pastel Art Prints make a wonderful gift for someone special or a delightful addition to anyone’s home or office.

Each print featured is available in two sizes, so you can be sure to find an option that will suit you.  Pastel Art Prints guarantees that each painting is limited to just 300 copies and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and numbered by the artist.

We hope that you will browse this selection of boat wall art today and bring the beauty and mystery of the ocean into your own home or office.