Pastel Wall Art of Beaches

Delightful images that will brighten any room

Are you looking for some colourful pastel wall art to decorate your home or office?

Our beautiful beach art prints are an excellent choice. Our talented and award winning artists specialise in pastel paintings that will transport you to another world entirely, making you feel as though you are standing on a beautiful shoreline with the sand between your toes. These delightful images are a wonderful complement to any existing interior decor, as they evoke such a warm, calm feeling, with each print exuding its own unique character, charm and personality.

Some of our images capture the beauty and majesty of the ocean, while others feature the beautiful Bathing Boxes that adorn the Mornington Peninsula.

Beach paintings often remind people of childhood holidays; times when they gleefully played on the sand and splashed among the waves with joyous abandon.

Much of our wall art presents an historical record of Australia’s glorious coastline. Linda Finch’s painting ‘Golden Coast - The Twelve Apostles’ and Emily Holsman’s ‘London Bridge’ are two examples that capture some of the rugged offshore structures that can be seen along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road; spectacular rocky outcrops, constantly eroded by the ocean’s powerful waves.

Whether you choose an image of a powerful wave rolling and crashing over a rocky outcrop or one of a gentle and delightful sunset draped over a peaceful sandy shore, you are sure to find an image that suits you.

We hope you will take the time to browse through our selection of pastel wall art and find the perfect beach painting to decorate your own home or office.

Failing that, perhaps you will find the perfect gift for someone special.